The Flute Book 1: for young beginners

The Flute Book 1: for young beginners


The Flute Book 1 is carefully created and designed with the young flute beginner in mind, making sure their learning is enjoyable, easy-going and also engaging to help them fall in love with the flute. This book can be used from ages 4 to 7 year old. It starts with pre-readers and slowly introduces the notes first on one line and with iconographic notation, then later in the staff.


These books are inclusive and promote diversity and tolerance through the illustrations which feature characters of different religions and with different skin tones.


What do you get with this book:

  • More than 30 enjoyable tunes for young flutists
  • 20 pages of activity and games supporting music reading skills, rhythm skills, note recognition, creative thinking and more
  • Material covers G, A, B notes and rests.
  • Six B, A, G duets. Part two of the duets can be played by a little more advanced flutist or by the teacher.
  • Board Game for revision of the whole material
  • Certificates for each card game
  • Blank concert posters for “Toot & Hoot Tiny Concert” series
  • Free extra resources for each user of this book
  • Free accompanying tracks for practice on our YouTube channel
  • Irena is a flute teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience. She studied Flute Performance and pedagogy in her home country – Macedonia. After she finished her Masters degree, she moved to Dubai where she taught and performed for 12 years. This is where Irena first started teaching young flute beginners and her idea about creating a method for younger beginners was born. Through the years of teaching, Irena taught all levels of flute students, especially #littleflutists. In August 2020 she moved to Singapore, where she created Toot and Hoot Flute Method and her flute beginners’ books. Irena’s favorite color is turquoise because she loves the sea, and her favorite cookies are peach flavor gummies. She loves when her little flutists learn while playing games. To work with Irena or to find out more about her teaching and method books, visit