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Musical Snakes and Ladders

Musical Snakes and Ladders


Have a blast with Musical Snakes and Ladders!


1, 2 or more players (teachers count too!)


The players can playfully go through the musical tasks and strengthen their skills in the area of breath, rhythm, reading, playing and phrasing in music.

The new edition of this game also allows the game to be personalized by writing down your own challenges/tasks and playfully revise specific material, practice a music piece, scales and more. 


The given tasks in the game cover and include the following:

  • Notes G, A, B, F, Bb, E, F# and rests
  • Duple and Triple Meter
  • Staccato and Legato
  • Basic musical terms for tempo 
  • Dynamics
  • Breathing 
  • DYI dice
  • Extra tasks to cut out and change the challenges.
  • Option to personalize the game by writing down your own tasks both in text and in music staff. 


Enjoy the fun!

  • Irena is a flute teacher with more than 12 years of teaching experience. She studied Flute Performance and pedagogy in her home country – Macedonia. After she finished her Masters degree, she moved to Dubai where she taught and performed for 12 years. This is where Irena first started teaching young flute beginners and her idea about creating a method for younger beginners was born. Through the years of teaching, Irena taught all levels of flute students, especially #littleflutists. In August 2020 she moved to Singapore, where she created Toot and Hoot Flute Method and her flute beginners’ books. Irena’s favorite color is turquoise because she loves the sea, and her favorite cookies are peach flavor gummies. She loves when her little flutists learn while playing games. To work with Irena or to find out more about her teaching and method books, visit

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