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Flute is for Everyone! print


Did you know, in the past two years, our Flute is for Everyone project has had a significant impact on the flute world? When we started this project, there was only one flute method book that had illustrations of BIPOC children. (Yep. You read that right. One.) Today, thanks to the contributions of flutists worldwide, we have over 100 illustrations that have been incorporated into countless resources for young learners.

Inclusivity and representation are essential in every aspect of life, and music education is no exception. The Flute is for Everyone project has been a huge step in ensuring that all children feel welcomed and encouraged to learn the flute, regardless of their background or ethnicity. By featuring illustrations of BIPOC children in our community resources and student-focused projects, we are sending a powerful message that the flute is an accessible and beautiful instrument for all.

As we continue to build on this project, we hope to inspire even more young people to explore the world of music and discover the joy of playing the flute.


Here’s how you can join us:


Join our #littleflutescommunity in changing the future of #littlefluteseducation by purchasing the "Flute is for Everyone" print for your music room, flute studio, or as a gift for your BFF - your #bestflutefriend. 


Each illustration is inspired by a real person -  students, flutists, colleagues, and mentors - and have been put together to show all students that they are welcome, they are loved, they are safe, they are included - because flute IS for everyone.


Original artwork by Artio Design Co. Printed on premium matte paper.

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