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As a community of early childhood flute educators it is our goal to create a place for parents to find the information and resources they need when deciding what instrument is right for their child.  There is a big misconception out there that wind instruments aren't suitable for children as young as four.  Well, we're here to break that misconception and show you that wind instruments like the flute are actually the perfect instrument to start lessons!  We also understand that this big crazy music world can be confusing so we want to take all the guess work out of finding the right teacher by connecting families with teachers who specialize in little flutes.  Knowledge is power and we're here to give you all the knowledge you need to succeed.

Flute is for everyone

We've all been there as parents, asking ourselves which instrument is best for our child - and all too often, it feels like a tie between piano and violin because wind instruments are for older kids... right? Wrong! Wind instruments like the flute are perfect for kids as young as four.  Not only is there magic in making music with a little bit of breath, but there are tangible benefits for you and your little one:

  • Save on instrument costs!

  • Strengthen your child's developing lungs

  • Improve your child's lung capacity and air efficiency

Why FlutePlay?

Some music schools advertise "woodwind teachers," but they don't actually play the flute, while professional flutists who teach private flute lessons don't always specialize in teaching children - which is a skill in and of itself! That's where we step in.  Every FlutePlay teacher is both a professional flutist and a specialist in childhood flute education, so our classes are action-packed with movement and games, fusing learning with fun!



The Suzuki method


Blocki Flute

The KinderFlute Method



Music for Young Children


Because our backgrounds in music education are diverse, so are our teaching methods. From Dalcroze to Suzuki, we pull from the A to Z of methodology, teaching lessons that are innovative and engaging, designed with your child in mind.   If we're speaking another language, here's a translation of the various methods, so you can be a music method pro.  Hover over the boxes below to read more: 



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