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Cool Composer: Super Scott Joplin

Cool Composer: Super Scott Joplin


Welcome Music Makers and Little Flutes!


"Super Scott Joplin" is the fourth of four lesson activity packs, one for each musical era, from our “Cool Composer” series. Designed for challenging times when Zoom is just too much for some young music makers, these are ideal for remote learning. Inviting students to explore, perform, create and share completed activities through pre-recorded videos and photos. Scan the QR code on the student checklist for a short corresponding informative and directive video for all, available on the FlutePlay YouTube channel.


So what’s inside “Super Scott Joplin” ? Let's take a peek ...Young music makers can complete composer facts and find pattern in a well-known phrase. Play from easy mini arrangements for head joints, Toots, flutes and piano in keys that support first notes. Create their own piece with Scott Joplin ingredients .. and of course there is always the opportunity for some colouring in!


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  • Flautist Lisa O’Connor has returned to her hometown of Shoreham-by-Sea on the Sussex coast via Liverpool, Dublin, Dartford, and Brighton.  Lisa gained her grade eight flute and first taught music as a teenager before putting music to one side in favour of achieving a degree in design followed by a career in retail management. Becoming a Mum brought music bouncing back into focus and Lisa is now the founder & lead educator of Happy Tunes Music Makers! Lisa is passionate about introducing Nuvo woodwind instruments and ocarinas to young children with fun and vibrant creativity. Kinderflute is the perfect platform with games and movement to compliment the child-led learning Lisa delivers. Blue is Lisa's favourite colour to wear but she loves relaxing on orange cushions! To find out more about Lisa and her classes, visit her website:

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