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Test your Technique!

Test your Technique!


Let's face it, teaching & learning technique can be tricky!


Despite the tremendous value and significant benefits good technique has on learning music and playing with confidence, it can be hard to motivate young students to practice their scales.  I appreciate my high school flute teacher’s patience and effort because I was one of those students!  Now, decades into my own teaching career, I’ve tried to find and create new ways to teach technique that can be motivating and fun!


For some, this printable is nothing new - just an idea put on paper.  For others, I hope this printable brings some fun to your studio and to your student’s practice.  


This printable allows students and teachers to simply print all of the technical tests for the RCM level they are currently studying.  Cut along the dotted lines, fold and throw into a jar. Draw scales randomly every day to improve your technique!


This PDF digital download includes:

-all technical tests for RCM exams preparatory through 10

-all required articulation patterns as a separate page to print & use with the technical tests


PLEASE NOTE: this printable is intended to be used as a teaching tool to help work on the technical tests set out by the Royal Conservatory of Music College of Examinations. For the most up-to-date information and for more details including required articulation patterns, metronome markings, and rhythm patterns, please view the RCM Flute Syllabus online:

  • Born in Ontario, Stéphanie has lived in 5 provinces coast to coast and has been making music across Canada for decades.  She holds Bachelor's degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan and completed her Master's degree in Flute Performance from the University of Toronto.   Stéphanie is a new mama, enjoys her coffee with a hint of maple syrup, sports hot pink lip stick [her favourite colour!], and enjoys baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for her students & family.  As Founder & Lead Educator of FlutePlay, Stéphanie strives to make music more accessible to families by encouraging wind instruments from a young age.  Her favourite thing about teaching little flutes?  The combination of creativity & physical activity makes learning music a whole lot of fun. To read more about Stéphanie and her flute studio, please visit her website:

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