LFM: a #littleflute magazine 2022 - LARGE STUDIO

LFM: a #littleflute magazine 2022 - LARGE STUDIO


Welcome to the “LFM - a #littleflute magazine” - 2022 EDITION!! 

This magazine is created with so much love for all the #littleflutists out there (ages 4 - 10 years old). 

With four (4) LFM issues a year, we hope to encourage young flutists around the world to believe in themselves, in their qualities and in their passion for flute playing. 

From flute recipes to musical games, interviews with world renowned flutists, practice tips, a flute gym, information about influential flute music, the flute family, ... and so much more! LFM guarantees fun for every #flutefriend, #flutestudio and #flutefamily! 


What's new in 2022?! We've added a few more chapters so #littleflutists will have even more to PLAY!!! Each issue will include new music, so stay tuned for performance opportunities so we can connect throughout the year!!


LFM: a #littleflute magazine is distrubted digitally and is available in 9 different languages: Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. (Though our website is in English, when you subscribe to LFM, you will receive a PDF where you can indicate what language you'd like to receive!) 


Don't forget, this LARGE STUDIO subscription allows you to send a subscription to up to all your students so please remember to include their email addresses in the google form! *For studios with less than 12 students, please see our SMALL STUDIO subscription.


Want to subscribe for 2022? Here's when to expect each issue in your inbox:


Issue #1 - February 1, 2022

Issue #2 - May 2, 2022

Issue #3 - August 3, 2022

Issue #4 - November 4, 2022

(Subscribe anytime and you'll receive any issues you've missed!)


Have questions, comments, feedback, requests? Send us an email anytime: letsplay@fluteplay.ca