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Autumn Leaves Game

Autumn Leaves Game


This simple game is a fantastic, quick way to warm up at the beginning of a lesson or to take a fun break in the middle of a class.  The flashcards cover all the notes learned in the Blocki Flute Method Book 1 so you can customize the game to suit your young learner.  


The goal of the game is to collect the most autumn leaves from the tree.  To play, place the cards face down and take turns picking a card.  If the note is identified or played correctly, collect the number of leaves written on that card.  Play until all the leaves have been collected.  Whoever has the most leaves in their pile WINS!


NOTE: If you also have the Pumpkin Patch Game, you can use those flashcards rather than printing out new ones!


This downloadable PDF includes a giant tree, fall leaves, note cards with or without a fall leaf backgroun, and playing instructions.

  • Kathy Rogers teaches Kinderflute in beautiful Victoria, BC. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria and a Master of Music from the University of British Columbia. Kathy attended the Kinderflute Teacher Training course in the Netherlands in 2017 and loves having her two young children try out all of her latest music games!