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Make Music with Miss Lisa


Kinesthetic learning and movement is at the centre of all Happy Tunes classes. Unlike more traditional ways of learning an instrument, children are not expected to stay still for long as they skip, run and dance, clap and draw their way to learning to play new tunes.


For Lisa Teaching young children to play a musical instrument is a bit like making a cake together. We look at all the musical ingredients separately. What fingers will we use to make the different sounds? What letter name does each sound have? Is it long or short ? Loud or quiet? What does it look like when it is written down?


Each week we look at a different ingredient, and over the term we gradually add and mix them together to create a new piece that each child can play independently and as a group performance. Just like a delicious freshly baked  cake… seeing the delight and sense of achievement in children as they play their instruments and master new tunes can only leave us all with a warm feeling and food for big and little souls alike.

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