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Make Music with Miss Julia


Teaching for me is about joy! It's making my students fall in love with what they do, taking pride in their learning, and showing off their own, unique musicianship. Whether my student is 5 or 45 years old, they have something special to offer, and my mission as their teacher is to show it off!  

My teaching experience is varied– I've had the privilege of working with children who are just beginning their journey with the flute to university students preparing their graduation recitals, to adults who are discovering their musical talents later in their lives. Upon graduation from my Masters in Flute Performance and Literature, I had the opportunity to live in South America, teaching and playing flute in the Southwest region of Colombia for approximately seven years. (Por esta razón, ¡también ofrezco clases en español!) 

As a flutist, I have come to know the traditional flute repertoire and have also ventured into playing with electronics (such as loops pedals) and folk music from around the world, especially music from the Andes.   

I offer flute classes depending on your needs/ interests, both in-person and through Zoom. Please contact me for a free trial lesson or if you have any questions about flute playing!

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