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Make Music with Miss Hattie


Hattie adores her job and finds enormous satisfaction in guiding every student to find their own musical voice; empowerment is key! Whether it’s helping a beginner to make their first wonderful sound, or coaching a more experienced player, Hattie takes time to understand each student’s individuality and develop their musicianship as well as their flute playing.

Hattie’s #littleflutes classes are a welcoming and inclusive and provide a fun environment within a clear pedagogical structure. Children as young as four, and their families, are invited to take part in an energy filled journey full of music and games. Children are encouraged to sing as well as play, and the emphasis is on building both a solid foundation in musicianship and a secure and flexible embouchure with a lot of laughter on the way! Children become confident performers, with good aural and reading skills, and are comfortable exploring their individuality through improvisation and composition.

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