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Make Music with Miss Emily


About KinderFlute Columbia  

Our History: 

KinderFlute Columbia was founded in the Summer of 2014 by Dr. Korinne Smith. Our current director, Dr. Emily Creedle, joined the faculty in the fall of 2014 and took over the directorship in the fall of 2015. She has continued as Director of the program since then, with a brief hiatus in the fall of 2021 when Ms. Josie Cox took over the program. Dr. Creedle then returned to the directorship in the latter half of the Spring 2022 semester. The program is under the umbrella of the Carolina Music Studios, a community music school, through the University of South Carolina School of Music.   

Our Philosophy & Methodology: 

Our teaching and learning philosophies are based on the KinderFlute Method. This award-winning method is designed to give the elementary age flutist an excellent foundation in beautiful tone, embouchure flexibility, rhythm, and technique. This comprehensive and step-by-step approach was written to ensure success and includes theory and composition projects. Our students begin their studies as early as 4 years old but may begin anytime through 5th grade. We are one of many KinderFlute programs in the world, and are provided with many resources from Kathy Blocki, the methods founder, and through the KinderFlute community of teachers.  

Movement and using the body are a large component of the group classes in the KinderFlute method. Our current director, Dr. Creedle, is working on a Dalcroze Education certification, a complimentary philosophy and pedagogy for learning music with the body. Many Dalcrozian activities will also be incorporated into lessons and group classes taught by Dr. Creedle.  

Because we are part of Carolina Music Studios and the University of South Carolina we have the added benefit of using excellent facilities as well as participating in graded Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) exams. Students are encouraged to participate in these exams after about a year of study if the challenge is motivating.  

Our Teachers: 

All our teachers have achieved university music degrees or are currently pursuing a degree in flute. Additionally, they have undergone special training to learn the KinderFlute Method. This teacher training is conducted by Kathy Blocki herself. All KinderFlute teachers agree to be life-long learners practicing and performing on their instrument as well as attending seminars and training for flute and KinderFlute teachers throughout the year.

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