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Make music with Miss Stéphanie


My favourite thing about teaching? The spark! That moment of illumination for a student when all the work between student and teacher align, when both parties are teaching and learning from each other, and when we've reached new heights in imagination, creativity, performance, and musical expression. For me, teaching is learning. I’ve found every student brings new perspective, and, in a way, ‘musical puzzles’ for me to solve.  

I teach students of all ages.  From KinderFlute classes to students preparing for university auditions. I strongly believe the student-teacher relationship is the most critical aspect to private music lessons.  In order for students to feel confident and be successful, they have to feel comfortable with their teacher.


I am currently offering free KinderFlute trial classes in the Vaughan area. I also offer a free trial lesson to any student who is interested in having me as their teacher to ensure we're the right fit for one another. Not in the Vaughan area?  I also teach lessons, audition prep classes, and more in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. If you're interested in classes, lessons, and/or finding out more about playing the flute, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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