The FlutePlay Flashback Game

The FlutePlay Flashback Game


Looking for a fun new way to practice? Say hello to the fluteplay flashback game! This digital download is designed to be printed at home or in the studio and put together to create a fun musical board game.


Wondering how to play? YOU decide! In fact, you get to decide on ALL the rules!

Maybe you want to start on a challenge corner one day and with a scale the next. If you’re playing solo, maybe you earn points when you complete spaces or challenges that you can then redeem for prizes? Maybe you practice your way around the board every week!

If you’re playing in lessons as a group or with #flutefriends or musical siblings at home, you can play together to create your own rules! Keep it simple or play with as many rules and pieces as you like. The possibilities are endless! Be creative, have fun & happy practising!!


Here's what's included in the zip file:

  • Instructions
  • Game Board (two 8.5x11" pages taped together)
  • Game Board (one 11x17" page)
  • 32 Challenge Cards - including 12 "create your own challenge" cards
  • 40 Scale Cards - including 8 "create your own challenge" cards
  • 2 Score Cards  


Happy practising!

  • Born in Ontario, Stéphanie has lived in 5 provinces coast to coast and has been making music across Canada for decades.  She holds Bachelor's degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from the University of Saskatchewan and completed her Master's degree in Flute Performance from the University of Toronto.   Stéphanie is a new mama, enjoys her coffee with a hint of maple syrup, sports hot pink lip stick [her favourite colour!], and enjoys baking homemade chocolate chip cookies for her students & family.  As Founder & Lead Educator of FlutePlay, Stéphanie strives to make music more accessible to families by encouraging wind instruments from a young age.  Her favourite thing about teaching little flutes?  The combination of creativity & physical activity makes learning music a whole lot of fun. To read more about Stéphanie and her flute studio, please visit her website: