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The Animals 2: Little Story Compositions

The Animals 2: Little Story Compositions


The Little Story Compositions Bundle was created to encourage students to connect with exceptional repertoire through active listening and to use this as inspiration to create and compose their own Little Story Compositions.


Ideally, this bundle is thought as a complementary resource to the lesson plan bundle 'FlutePlay with the Animals'; however, the activities can also be used as a separate tool in which students develop their flute skills by going on a wonderful adventure through Camille Saint Saëns' music: Carnival of the Animals. 


Each animal has worksheets that take students through guided listening, inspire compositions based on their individual level, and encourage playful story-telling inspired by the animals. Use the worksheet pages to help your students understand the music that they are actively listening to and to help them develop musical awareness, phrasing, knowledge of instruments, and basic parameters such as speed, volume, major and minor, etc. ... all in a PLAYFUL and POSITIVE way!


We hope you have fun using this Little Story Compositions bundle! We definitely want to hear all about it! Send us your photos, videos, comments, thoughts, and feedback to:, so we can connect and join in all the #littleflutefun!



PLEASE NOTE: this Little Story Composition bundle is INCLUDED in the Lesson Plan bundle "FlutePlay with The Animals 2"! We have included it as a separate item for anyone interested in checking out our resources before buying an entire lesson plan bundle. If you purchase this bundle and would then like to purchase the complete FlutePlay with the Animals 2 Lesson Plan bundle, please send us an email and we'll send you a coupon code to deduct $5 from the complete bundle!

  • We are Stéphanie Superle and Marjolein Desmet, two passionate #littlefluteexperts who have created a lesson structure that, we believe, offers teachers and students an inclusive, well-organized, high-quality group class and private flute lesson. Our degrees in Music Pedagogy, our specializations in early childhood music education, and our years of experience in teaching #littleflutes gives us the ability to create these lesson plans with so much LOVE and POSITIVITY, making sure that you and your students will always enjoy FUN and PLAYFUL lessons.

    For more information about who we are and what we do, visit our studio pages:

    Stéphanie Superle 

    Mayo Desmet

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