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Solar System Scale Game

Solar System Scale Game

The SOLAR SYSTEM SCALE GAME is a wonderful game that takes your beginners, intermediate and advanced flute students on an adventure through space and helps them practice their technical skills in a playful way during their flute lessons or at home.


  • 1 Tonality Card A4 and 2 small size Tonality Cards
  • A Solar SystemGame Board
  • 24 Sun Challenge Cards
  • 6 blank Sun Challenge Cards


The blank Sun Challenge Cards included in this game give teachers and students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more. It makes it easy to adapt or expand the game to the needs and the level of every player.


Grab a dice, some game markers and a pen and paper to write down the score and let the fun begin!


This game is TOTALLY accessible for ALL levels and ALL instruments!


For more specific information, follow me on Instagram (@mayosflutestudio) and on Facebook (@mayosflutestudio).  You may also contact me through my website: 


  • Marjolein (Mayo) Desmet is a European flutist, born in Belgium, and currently living in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Flute Performance and did a specialization in Music Pedagogy. Whenever Mayo has some free time she loves to hand letter and practice calligraphy. Her favorite colour is Tuscan sun yellow and the best cookies in the world are definitely oreo’s. Mayo runs her own music studio, Mayo’s Flute Studio, where she offers  flute classes designed for every student’s individual needs. Everyone is unique! Student’s qualities, talents, and ideas take centre stage during flute lessons. Mayo’s goal is to create a learning environment full of fun and positivity. To know more about Mayo’s Flute Studio visit the website:

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