Playful Penguin Memory Game

Playful Penguin Memory Game


The Playful Penguin Memory Game is a quick and easy way for parents and teachers to learn and practice basic rhythms with young children.


To prepare, simply print two of the penguin sheets with the notes on the back of one and the numbers and on the back of the other. Laminate and trim.


To play, spread the cards out on a table, penguins facing up. For young players, make the game easier by putting the note cards on one side and the number cards on the other side of the table. Take turns turning over two cards. If the note matches the number (for example, a quarter note would match a 1) then the player keeps those cards. If not, the game moves to the next player. Continue until all the cards have been matched. Whoever gets the most pairs wins!


Happy Playing!



  • Kathy Rogers teaches Kinderflute in beautiful Victoria, BC. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria and a Master of Music from the University of British Columbia. Kathy attended the Kinderflute Teacher Training course in the Netherlands in 2017 and loves having her two young children try out all of her latest music games!