Musical Trick or Treat

Musical Trick or Treat


Isn't there something so magical about Halloween night? Dressing up in costume and heading door to door with friends for some trick or treating - never knowing when someone might pop out and shout BOO!


I've been thinking a lot about how to bring that fun and magic into lessons to capture the imagination of my students. Inspired by a simple sorting activity, there are many ways for you and your students to enjoy Musical Trick or Treat. I've provided a few ideas as a starting point. Let your imagination take you away. I'm sure you'll be amazed by what you and your students come up with!



  • sort the music notes from the rests
  • sort dotted rhythms from simple rhythms
  • match note values with their rhythm values
  • create rhythms to clap and play together
  • place rhythm candies on a large musical staff to create your own Halloween composition
  • use the blank candies to create your own! Laminate and use dry erase marker so they can be reused
  • send this activity to your studio students so they can have fun making music at home!


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