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mini Toolbox -TECHNIQUE | letters

mini Toolbox -TECHNIQUE | letters


The yellow toolbox pages focus on developing technical skills in a fun and playful way.


The FUN FIFTHS is a game based on the circle of fifths in which the teacher is free to choose which technical skills the student will be working on. From playing fifths to playing scales, chords, thirds, octaves, small finger movements, long notes or large intervals, the teacher chooses the skill and according to the level of the students, creates three different speed levels. Everytime a student can accomplish the skill at the goal tempo, a sticker can be awarded on the challenge board. The student competes with him or herself and will win a surprise whenever all stickers are awarded. The 'fun fifths' challenge can be a monthly or semestral challenge.


The RABBIT RUN is a toolbox page that introduces the thirds in basic tonalities to young flutists. The young flutists go from remembering the finger position of the first note, to playing the basic melody, to warming up the sound and visualising the phrasing of the melody, to playing thirds.


The SHARK MEMORY is a game to do with your students to practice small finger movements (major and minor seconds). How does the game work?

The teacher chooses the cards that suit the level of the students.

Make a circle with your students and place the shark cards in the middle with the blank part facing upwards. One by one, students turn around two cards, hoping to find two equal cards. When student A turns around two equal cards, he/ she can choose a student B in the circle that will play the major/minor seconds on each note of that specific scale. If student B succeeds, student B wins a point. If student B is not able to do it, student A has to try to play it to win the point.


Print, laminate, cut out, and use for lessons to come! You could even glue each card onto colourful construction paper for a fun twist. Use all blue paper and it will look like the ocean for your little sharks.


A variant of this ‘Shark Memory’ game is definitely the RABBIT MEMORY. By using the ‘Rabbit Memory’ you want to work with your students on playing thirds up and down, going from only playing the interval with very beginners to playing up and down thirds in the chosen tonality with more advanced students.


For more specific information including ideas on how to use The little Flute mini Toolbox - Exploring TECHNIQUE in your lessons, follow me on INSTAGRAM (@mayosflutestudio) and on FACEBOOK (@mayosflutestudio). Here you will find videos with relevant explanations and my thoughts on the toolbox material. You may also contact me through my website:

  • Marjolein (Mayo) Desmet is a European flutist, born in Belgium, and currently living in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Flute Performance and did a specialization in Music Pedagogy. Whenever Mayo has some free time she loves to hand letter and practice calligraphy. Her favorite colour is Tuscan sun yellow and the best cookies in the world are definitely oreo’s. Mayo runs her own music studio, Mayo’s Flute Studio, where she offers  flute classes designed for every student’s individual needs. Everyone is unique! Student’s qualities, talents, and ideas take centre stage during flute lessons. Mayo’s goal is to create a learning environment full of fun and positivity. To know more about Mayo’s Flute Studio visit the website:

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