Listen & Move

Listen & Move


Listen & Move! is collection of games and activities that introduce young children to music they may have never listened to before, and also musical concepts such as keeping a steady beat, noticing dynamics, instrumentation, musical character and story telling through music.


All activities are suitable for individual or group classes.


The core music and movement activities can also be found in Best Start Music Lessons Book 1 (second edition) and Best Start Music Lessons Book 2. However, Listen & Move! also includes MANY additional activities that are not found in the Lesson books. For example extra colouring pages, cut out and glue puppets, and rhythm activities.


This download is intended to provide studio teachers and parents with additional resources for individual and group music tuition, and home practice.

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This download may only be used by a single teacher in their studio, or parent at home. Teachers/parents may reproduce the downloads only for students within their own studio/home. Teachers/parents may not give this resource to other teachers/parents. Please direct other teachers to or to purchase their own resources! Fonts and graphics have been created with Swift Publisher from Belight Software, and free images from Music notes have been created with Sibelius software.

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  • Sarah Broughton Stalbow is a well known flute player and educator from Sydney, Australia. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, and the Australian National University, Canberra School of Music. Sarah has performed in orchestras in the United Kingdom, China, and Australia, and as a chamber musician she has toured Asia. Sarah has a special interest in teaching beginners, and has been inspired by her mother, specialist in childhood development and learning, Beverley Broughton.