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Fun with the Headjoint

Fun with the Headjoint


When you are brand new and have just started playing the flute, one of the most difficult things is to get a good sound out of the flute, while at the same time you have to learn to hold the instrument.


These head joint melodies are therefore written for all the new young flutists, so that they can explore the head joint and find a good sound before they have to assemble the flute completely.


In this compendium you come across many different sounds such as dark sounds, bright sounds, wind sounds and octaves. It gives the students a good feel for how to produce sounds on the flute and makes it enormously easier when you have to assemble the flute completely.


There are several different approaches to the melodies. Some are pure composition games, others the student has to come up with sounds to match pictures. Some can be played as trios and others are completely simple melodies of 8 beats divided by bars like a melody written with sheet music.


All melodies have an element of graphic notation, some have a completely free rhythm and other melodies are a note value associated with a specific image.


There are six different types of tasks with themes that suit either a season or a holiday. All six types of tasks are described on the following pages. A video has been made for several of the melodies that you can play along with. Scan the QR code to get to the video or go to my Youtube channel and find the video you need.



  • Anne is a flute teacher based in Denmark with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She is always in the search for new fun ways to teach the flute and most recently she was trained as a Music Mind Games teacher. She completed her masters degree in flute and flute pedagogy at Nordjysk Music Conservatorium in Denmark. At Rudersdal Music School, where she teach the flute, she also teaches elementary music education. Anne completed a degree in Art and Culture intermediary from the University College Sjælland. Her favorite color is red and yellow like a beautiful sunset. Due to a lack of good flute method books in Danish for little students, Anne wrote her own flute method book! This book is now being translated to English by her daughter. It is important to Anne that kids who start learning music at an early age are given the best start which includes a lot of laughter and fun games. You can read more about Anne's flute method book at or visit her at on Instagram.

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