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FlutePlay with Celebrations: First Flute Lesson

FlutePlay with Celebrations: First Flute Lesson


This lesson plan bundle will bring your flute lessons to a whole new level by motivating your students and encouraging their imagination to go wild. We hope these lessons will also invite you to have as much fun as your students while teaching and creating your own additional lesson plans.



Life is full of celebrations! As adults we tend to forget that sometimes. We should celebrate more often; we shouldn't only celebrate the big things in life, but also the small things. When a child makes their very first sounds or words such as “mama” or “dada”, or when a child carefully takes their first steps to start their adventure in this world, we cheer and we celebrate the fact that they've developed a new skill! Celebrations bring joy and positivity, they encourage children to believe in themselves, they increase children's self-esteem and they make children eager to keep learning and discovering themselves and the world around them. In FlutePlay with Celebrations - First Flute Lesson, we celebrate the experience of a student's very first flute lesson! We make sure it will be an experience they'll never forget!



To make sure that you can start having fun flute lessons with your #littleflutes right away, we've included everything we think you will possibly need in this bundle:

  • A specific introduction to the theme
  • A list of music from a comprehensive list of flute method books
  • A list of supplemental resources
  • One (1) lesson plan for #littleflutists very first lesson
  • A blank lesson plan to create your own
  • ALL Music, Activities, Resources, Games, Student Celebration page, and First Lesson certificates


***ALL FlutePlay members receive this lesson plan bundle FREE and all other lesson plan bundles at 40% off!! Want to join us? Check out the "for teachers" page for all the details!!!

  • We are Stéphanie Superle and Marjolein Desmet, two passionate #littlefluteexperts who have created a lesson structure that, we believe, offers teachers and students an inclusive, well-organized, high-quality group class and private flute lesson. Our degrees in Music Pedagogy, our specializations in early childhood music education, and our years of experience in teaching #littleflutes gives us the ability to create these lesson plans with so much LOVE and POSITIVITY, making sure that you and your students will always enjoy FUN and PLAYFUL lessons.

    For more information about who we are and what we do, visit our studio pages:

    Stéphanie Superle 

    Mayo Desmet

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