Easter Teacher Bundle

Easter Teacher Bundle


Easter themed teaching bundle includes:

  • Easter sight reading (customisable)
  • Easter sight reading level 1
  • Easter sight reading level 2
  • Which egg? High / Low
  • Which egg? High / Low (customisable)
  • Which egg? Rhythm
  • Which egg? Rhythm (customisable)
  • Easter one beat rhythmic patterns
  • Bouncing Eggs - multilevel trio for group class warm up


This bundle is intended to provide studio teachers with additional resources for individual and group music tuition.


"Which egg?" activities:

The teacher should play the note/rhythm on one of the pairs of eggs. The student must choose which egg is being played (student has a choice of two). To make it harder, make the choice of eggs greater (eg make the choice between 4, 6 or 8 eggs).


Teachers may wish to laminate the customisable pages to make them reusable, or print and keep in a plastic pocket which you can write on and wipe clean!

  • Sarah Broughton Stalbow is a well known flute player and educator from Sydney, Australia. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, and the Australian National University, Canberra School of Music. Sarah has performed in orchestras in the United Kingdom, China, and Australia, and as a chamber musician she has toured Asia. Sarah has a special interest in teaching beginners, and has been inspired by her mother, specialist in childhood development and learning, Beverley Broughton.