Dungeon Crawl Flute-Style

Dungeon Crawl Flute-Style


This game was inspired by platformer video games, loved from the '80s all the way to today!  Popular examples include Super Mario Bros, Bubble Bobble, and Donkey Kong.  This game will reinforce note reading and writing, fingerings, stem direction, and more.


The game is fully customizable to your students' needs, so many of the spots to indicate which notes to write in have been left blank.  Suggestions are provided depending on what method book your using or what concept you want to cover.  Three sets of characters are included on one sheet so you don't have to use as much paper.


This PDF digital download includes 3 pages: teacher instructions, game board, and players.  All printable on 8.5" x 11".  Laminate and reuse as much as you like!

  • A native of Colorado, Erin has been teaching flute and piano for 9 years. For much of that time, she thought she wanted to be a band director, but after teaching private lessons, she realized how much FUN it is and how big of a difference she can make in the lives of her students. She earned her Master's Degree in Flute Performance and her Bachelor's in Music Education at the University of Missouri to be the best flute educator she could be. The left side of Erin's face was paralyzed in 2018. Although it was devastating, having flute taken away reinvigorated her passion for flute, and the process of re-learning to play forced her to find new ways to improve her sound, making her an even better teacher. Erin collects crafts like some people collect stamps: crocheting, cookie and cake decorating, horseback riding, embroidery, board gaming, and more! Her favorite thing about teaching younger students is how much excitement and energy they bring to lessons. Find more about Spencer Music Studio at: www.spencermusicstudio.com