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Colorful Flute Etudes - 2nd year

Colorful Flute Etudes - 2nd year


PDF-version (digital) of Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd year.

The PDF-file will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours after buying.

This PDF-file includes 15 etudes:

1. Lavender fields

2. Party at the medieval castle

3. March of the fluteplayers

4. Holiday at the seashore

5. Folky town

6. Picknick at the park

7. Birthday cake

8. The real thing

9. The sad soldier

10. Snake in a basket

11. The old typewriter

12. Little Mozart

13. Hide and seek

14. The next level

15. Disco

  • Ansje De Groef is a Belgium-based flutist with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She completed her masters degree in Music Performance and Music Education in the Brussels Conservatory. She wrote her own flute method books for children ages 5 & up. The first book, "Krullebol" is written in Dutch, and all the other books (Colorful Flute Etudes) are written in English. Ansje loves all kinds of glitter colors to contrast all the mud she gets on her legs at cross-country races in the winter. And to compensate for all the high flute notes, Ansje loves to play the double bass. In the meantime you can always make her happy with... brownies! Ansje feels that when children start playing the flute at a young age, they achieve a very natural, rhythmical, well intone & incorporated kind of playing. To read more about Ansje, her method books and flute studio, please visit Ansje's website:

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