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This graphic score is inspired by electricity and circuits. The title, "Circuitous," means "having a circular or winding course," or "longer than the most direct way." There is a set beginning and end, but you can cut out and rearrange the middle of the piece however you want, or just use a pencil to draw wires connecting the circuit in your desired path. Feel free to repeat sections, leave some out, go backwards, and rotate pieces! Just make sure your wire stays connected. You can also experiment with non-traditional flute sounds.


Don't forget to share your compositions with us! Tag us in your photos & recordings with the tags #fluteplayfun or email us at


**This digital download includes a zip file with both Letter (8.5x11") and A4 formats.


***First published in LFM: a #LittleFluteMagazine - volume 2, issue 4.

  • A native of Colorado, Erin has been teaching flute and piano for 9 years. For much of that time, she thought she wanted to be a band director, but after teaching private lessons, she realized how much FUN it is and how big of a difference she can make in the lives of her students. She earned her Master's Degree in Flute Performance and her Bachelor's in Music Education at the University of Missouri to be the best flute educator she could be. The left side of Erin's face was paralyzed in 2018. Although it was devastating, having flute taken away reinvigorated her passion for flute, and the process of re-learning to play forced her to find new ways to improve her sound, making her an even better teacher. Erin collects crafts like some people collect stamps: crocheting, cookie and cake decorating, horseback riding, embroidery, board gaming, and more! Her favorite thing about teaching younger students is how much excitement and energy they bring to lessons. Find more about Spencer Music Studio at:

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