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Best Start Music Lessons: Treble Clef Theory

Best Start Music Lessons: Treble Clef Theory


Best Start Music Lessons Treble Clef Theory is designed to be used in conjunction with beginner instrumental music lessons for treble clef instruments.

Presented as a workbook in which students complete activities to help them learn to read music. 

Engaging activities and full colour illustrations capture the imagination and attention of students.

Activities that can be completed during lessons or at home to reinforce what is learned during lessons, and simple enough to be able to be completed by the youngest beginners.

Key topics covered:

  • Note Values 
  • Musical Alphabet 
  • Time Signatures 
  • The Staff
  • Rhythm 
  • Treble Clef 
  • First Notes 
  • Steps and Skips 
  • Treble Clef Notes 
  • Crack the Code
  • Ledger Lines

Note:  This book does not include bass clef.

  • Sarah Broughton Stalbow is a well known flute player and educator from Sydney, Australia. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, and the Australian National University, Canberra School of Music. Sarah has performed in orchestras in the United Kingdom, China, and Australia, and as a chamber musician she has toured Asia. Sarah has a special interest in teaching beginners, and has been inspired by her mother, specialist in childhood development and learning, Beverley Broughton.

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