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Make Music with Miss Emily


As a teacher I strive to teach musically so that everything we are doing in the classroom and in private lessons has a musical purpose, that it is not only fun but is developing a musical skill and the student as a musician and person as well.  KinderFlute, developed by Kathy Blocki, is a method designed to effectively teach students to love music and play the flute from an early age. KinderFlute is intended to make playing the flute and understanding musical concepts both accessible and fun for children.


I really enjoy that movement and play are the basis for learning music and the flute. I love the creativity this allows me as the teacher and the creativity that I see from my students. In Blooms taxonomy, creativity is the highest level of educational learning objectives, and the KinderFlute Method puts a high emphasis on creativity from the games we play to the composition projects. Students benefit from weekly group classes and one-on-one lessons with the instructor. Incorporating games, movement and improvisation exercises from my research and training in the KinderFlute and Dalcroze approach, group classes are carefully planned to maximize each student’s learning potential and musical development.


To learn more, visit and or send me a message using the Contact Form below!

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