Flute Journal/Dictation Book

Flute Journal/Dictation Book


A new way to track lesson homework, weekly practice, goal setting, and more - all specifically FOR FLUTE!


Developed and finessed over the past decade, Stéphanie is thrilled to share with you her version of a lesson dictation book.  Here's a look at what's Inside:


GOAL SETTING: A graduate of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course, Stéphanie also spent the better part of 5-years working for lululemon athletica where she worked with countless mentors on how to set and achieve her goals. Stéphanie shares her experience and expertise in goal setting in the opening few pages of this journal!


DICTATION BOOK: the meat and potatoes of this book - you'll find room for 40 weeks of lessons!  Keep track of student homework, weekly goals, space to reflect or to ask questions, and a weekly practice tracker so you can keep a balanced approach to practicing.


NOTATION PAPER: nestled in the back of the book are a few pages of notation paper for those moments when you need to work on some music theory, jot down a musical idea, or other music fun!

  • Special pricing is available for teachers looking to purchase quantities for their studio.  Since studio sizes vary, bulk pricing is coordinated directly with Stéphanie.  For more information, please email: hello@stephaniesuperle.com